Monday, 28 May 2012

The demise of the sock monster.

Each and every year I buy my husband a pair of colourful socks for his birthday, and he loves them!

For years he had no qualms about heading off to work in his washed out grey socks, (often mismatched and with a hole in.) but I did! It felt like I had spent hours matching one black sock to another, comparing widths of elastic bands around the top, or marrying one sock to another depending on how worn out it was. These baggy, sad looking socks in grey, black and brown should have been banished to sock heaven a long time ago!
So for his birthday a few years ago I decided to break the black sock spell and invest in a pair of bespoke, designer socks (after all, you only get one pair of feet) and I have never looked back. My husband now looks forward to receiving socks for his birthday and they have even made their way onto the Christmas list!  
Distinctive, bright and cheerful , he has a cotton pair, a cashmere pair, a knitted woollen pair, a hand knitted pair, a walking pair, a lightweight pair and he even has a pair with tiny pompoms on, though I must admit, they do not get showcased as often as the others.
His favourite pair is the 100% pure cashmere socks, these have been named “The Lucky Socks” as his rugby team has won every game he has worn them to. They have been washed, hung out to dry on the line and thrown in the sock drawer 100 times over but they have never managed to get themselves separated and so I no longer find myself falling asleep to white fluffy socks jumping over fences!

Not only are my days of counting and matching up one black sock to another over, but I have found a fantastic gift idea that always guarantees a smile. Let’s be honest, it’s delightful to slip your feet into a pair of soft, luxurious socks at the beginning OR the end of any day, even my little niece and nephew love their soft cashmere socks.  I have even splashed out on an ever so British “Corgi dog “pair of socks to wear to the Jubilee street party this weekend (that’s if hubby doesn’t pinch them first!)  How Patriotic! 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Be a charm and give the perfect gift.

My blog highlights my passion for all things vintage inspired, quirky and interesting. My love for accessories, jewellery and fashion has inspired me to write this blog about finding the perfect gift. Over the years my love of unusual trinkets and hidden treasures found in the back of thrift shops has lead me to accumulate a rather large collection and I simply do not have the space for any more of my fantastic finds! This has lead me to be an expert in the "gift" department. I can still get the thrill of searching for, and hunting out hidden gems with the added bonus if seeing my friends faces light up when they receive one of my one of a kind finds.

We have all heard of the saying "it's the thought that counts" well, my favourite gift idea incorporates lots of little thoughts. Charm bracelets, necklaces and rings allow you to add a number of little momentos into one gift. A fantastic accessory to see you from day to evening, you can make them as personal, funny, emotive or simple as you like.

I recently put together a charm necklace for a dear friend of mine. She is quite eccentric and i knew she would love the wacky, intricate and unique charms I attached to a chunky, gold plated necklace. I attached a small vintage inspired camera charm, a green swallow charm and a tiny, shiny moustache charm. In-between each charm i attached a small fresh water pearl. But, if making your own is not your thing I have found several cute on-line boutiques that sell very personalized charm necklaces/bracelets/rings that don't damage the budget. I recently came across a beautiful charm necklace on which is a message in a bottle with a tiny shell and some sand inside. I have already sent one to my childhood friend who decided to move to an island off the African coast a few years ago (i am positively certain that she will get the joke!)